Pineapple Express headline Festember '18 at NIT Trichy


One of the things we as a band with this extremely unique sound, pride ourselves most about is how we push ourselves on every front right from the technicality of the music and the soundscapes, to the execution of the entire "Live Act" both sonically and visually in every single concert of ours. Festember NIT-Trichy was one such mammoth night as we laid our eyes upon the massive stage and light rig right when we walked into soundcheck. It definitely looked like the grandest stage we had played together as a band!

The biggest challenge however was that the concert was happening inside what seemed to be this hugely massive auditorium hall, which although was impressive to look at, was a nightmare soundwise as the entire room would function as just one giant reverb chamber. It was probably one of the biggest challenges for Yogi and Akash to tame the venue and anticipate the sound absorption that the 5000 strong audience would bring in.

Needless to say, not only did the band sound extraordinary, but once the audience literally heard the very first song, all hell broke loose! There were a couple of technical glitches with the wireless mics cutting off but that was soon a thing of the past as the crowd lost themselves to the audio-visual spectacle!