Pineapple Express live at Kochi Rocks IV

All gigs are born equal. But some gigs are born more equal than others. Heading to Kochi this time was a unique experience for us. Not only were we playing at a beautiful venue, with a lineup of six immensely talented bands, at one of the country's more prestigious festivals, but we were returning to Kerala just about a month after the ravaging floods had ceased. No one knew what to expect.

Kerala, however, has been characteristically resilient this time around. Roads were immaculate, surroundings were clean, we were surrounded by colours, and it looked like nothing had ever happened!

Upon reaching the JTPac auditorium, we got to watch the rest of the amazing lineup check sound. Names the likes of Rockazaurus, Chaos, Maiden Voyage, The Derelicts, and, of course, the mighty Thermal and a Quarter, promised a memorable night, to say the least.

Technical issues (#justpineapplethings) had led to a change in our slot. We were to follow TAAQ, who had put up an exceptionally sublime performance. Bruce fronted the band with energy and aplomb, Leslie held down the groove and the low end, and Rajeev, who held the band's dynamics in the palm of his hand, played beautifully and musically. We were stunned at their demonstration, almost a lecture in performance, musicality and stage presence.

Following TAAQ was no easy task. But our set soon got the audience grooving and jumping to our songs, and we were pleasantly surprised to meet a bunch of people who'd come to watch us at the Mojo Rising festival as well! The day ended with all of us feeling happy-tired, and enriched from the amazing experience.