Pineapple Express live at MGB Mall, Nellore

Every show with Pineapple Express is super exciting and you never know what to expect. But this show turned out to be one of the most memorable ones for KC personally. Travelling to Nellore for MGB Mall’s 2nd anniversary celebrations was an adventure by itself, considering the car broke down because of a flat tire mid way. The band reached Nellore tired and roughed up by the long journey. Fast forward to soundcheck and KC had to really squeeze his soul to get a note out of his throat. Once the soundcheck was done and the boys were back at the hotel room, the band had to discuss the course of action. As Underground Authority started off the evening, Yogi and Jimmy distributed KC's vocal parts between themselves and got on with the show. KC's disappointment at missing the show quickly turned into a unique experience as he got to watch the band perform from an audience perspective.

Despite a few interruptions by power cuts and rain, it all fell into place when it needed to and we made sure that the audience had a great time. The band looks back at the whole experience with a laugh and sigh of relief after handling so many unforeseen circumstances.