Pineapple Express - Live at Fandom


We wholeheartedly believe that we have some of the best fans anyone could ask for. And no other place drives this point home than a public show in Namma Bengaluru! Our last public gig of the year happened to be on a Saturday as well, much to everyone's joy and relief and what a gig it turned out to be! We kicked things off with a private screening of our music video 'Anthem' for the attendees a good two weeks before its public launch. What followed was over two hours of the signature Pineapple Express audio-visual experience, with some never before played tracks and a few tracks we don't play live very often.

We were thoroughly surprised at people singing our compositions back to us loud and clear! Like we said, our fam is the best fam!

The audience were still asking for more when we were done with our set, refusing to leave until we gave them one last song, but we had to bid them goodbye for the night with the promise of another fun evening on another day, complete with their favourite songs as well as a couple of new songs.