Pineapple Express - Live at Fandom


We wholeheartedly believe that we have some of the best fans anyone could ask for. And no other place drives this point home than a public show in Namma Bengaluru! Our last public gig of the year happened to be on a Saturday as well, much to everyone's joy and relief and what a gig it turned out to be! We kicked things off with a private screening of our music video 'Anthem' for the attendees a good two weeks before its public launch. What followed was over two hours of the signature Pineapple Express audio-visual experience, with some never before played tracks and a few tracks we don't play live very often.

We were thoroughly surprised at people singing our compositions back to us loud and clear! Like we said, our fam is the best fam!

The audience were still asking for more when we were done with our set, refusing to leave until we gave them one last song, but we had to bid them goodbye for the night with the promise of another fun evening on another day, complete with their favourite songs as well as a couple of new songs.

Pineapple Express - Live at NH7 Weekender, Pune


We're definitely not exagerrating when we say that NH7 Weekender is like the Mecca of indie music in India. Every year, thousands of people from all over the country will flock to the venues for a carefree, enchanting and much needed 'Weekender State of Mind' over the three days of the festival.

Playing at NH7 Weekender has been on our bucket list since a long time and this year, our dream finally became a reality at NH7 Weekender, Pune! Despite an early slot, it was very heart-warming and encouraging to see so many people turn up early for our set. From what people told us, we sounded great and performed even better and that it was the perfect start to the festival they could've had!

We watched many amazing acts like Sapta, Worldservice Project, The Contorionist, God is an Astronaut, Funktuation, and the mighty Joe Satriani who inspired us and left us all pumped up for a bigger and better Weekender in 2019!

Pineapple Express - Live at Prometheus '18, MSRMC

On 28th September, 2018 we headlined MSRMC's annual fest Prometheus.

An early evening downpour couldn't deter the crowd and they religiously stayed on as we took the stage. On hindsight, it's safe to say that right from the first note we played, they were in a #takatakatheithei state of mind and even more people flocked towards the stage as soon as they heard us play Money.

With every college gig we play at a medical institute, one thing becomes more and more clear to us: Budding doctors know how to have fun!